The Company

Milekal is one of the youngest flagships Design & Detailing
Solution Company in global market.
We designed & built our capabilities with most experienced
steel detailing team in this industry.
Our innovative approach and continual learning ensure the quality
and timely delivered outputs to our clients.


Company has formed by group of young enthusiastic engineers, who have vivid experience in construction & infrastructure industry. Our engineers are powered by synergy of USA, Canada, Australia & European structural knowledge & technologies more than decades.

We offer sustained solutions for special client needs through a comprehensive range of services and innovative technologies.

Quality is our state of mind, and achieving client delighters through excellence in project management is the foundation stone of organization.


We commit to nurture; the team of excellence through innovative approach, effective learning and integrity. Beyond employment, we are empowering for future entrepreneurship.


Timely delivered and precisely detailed 100,000 tons of steel by end of 2021. And be the great place to work in this industry by end of 2030.


  • Relationship
  • Customer delight
  • Continual improvement

Our Strength


  • Best professionals in industry-Having experience in American, Canadian & European Standards.
  • Average experience of core technical team is more than 15 years.
  • Team has more than 100,000 hours of detailing experience.
  • Versatility in designing & detailing experiences- Structural Steel Engineering, Building Solution, Industrial Project & Infrastructures.
  • Specialized in
    • High rise commercial, industrial & residential buildings.
    • Educational institute & laboratory, Hospital, Parking space, Shopping mall, Business spaces
      & Warehouses.
    • Stadium & Sports arena, Airports & Bridges.
    • Material handling & Conveyor systems.
    • Pipe rack & Platform work.
    • Plate works including ducts.
    • Offshore & other allied structures and
    • Miscellaneous Structural Steel.
    • Core project management techniques in line with PMI guidelines.
    • Client requirement oriented flexible business solution- Value added services in client business chain.
    • Global presence.
    • Data Security.


End to end business integration from estimation
process to professional &
expert support.

Estimation and Material Take-off

We are specialized on accurate and quick turnaround estimation services. Our material take-off customized to client needs. Read More

Steel Detailing

Team comes with the deep industry knowledge enables us to provide all time precisely detailed and timely delivered projects. Read More


Milekal understands that a digital, three-dimensional model linked to a database of project information, is one of the powerful tools. Read More

Connection Design

Milekal provides connection design service to our clients through our engineering partners throughout USA and Canada. Read More

Rebar detailing

Our rebar division has been capable of providing quality rebar estimation, bar bending schedules and Field placement /shop drawings. Read More

Professional And Expert Support

Milekal understands that every client has some special requirements. Our expert team will extent the support. Read More

Industries We Serve

Our Approach

Business Process

In today’s business environment, two factors have become common: change and complexity. We work in an environment of constant change and increasing complexity. The right mix of planning, monitoring, and controlling can make the difference in completing a project on time, on budget, and with high quality results.

In Milekal, we are working on four business process philosophy:

  • Better efficiency in delivering services,
  • Improved client satisfaction,
  • Increase in quality and
  • Resolve future risk before it strikes

We have distributed our project work across four different specialized departments to achieve our business process philosophy.

  • Estimation Department
  • Project Execution Department
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Project Management Department

We are following core project management techniques in line with PMI guidelines for better project management.

Corporate Sustainability

Milekal is a pioneer in Steel Detailing industry for adopting sustainability as a policy. Sprit of sustainably for us is to serve back to the SOCIETY. Our business and processes are designed to serve the social cause of development of next generation. We propose to work towards the following outcomes from our social corporate programmes;

  • Education
  • Health
  • Skill Development &
  • Women Empowerment

Environment management has been a most concern area for Milekal Engineering. We are executing in different path of maintain our business without compromising on environmental impact. We believe in GREEN Detailing Practice.

Business sustainability is directly linked to how well we meet expectation of our stakeholders. We are committed toward sustainable development, even out of our operating boundaries.

We starve for internal and external perspectives to identify and understand the risks and opportunities associated with new and emerging issues. We take a data-driven approach to set motivating goals & measure our achievement against those goals.

We are always striving for the BEST…






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What We Do

Milekal is the engineering service provider, imparting the steel detailing and design services for the clients around the globe. We use the latest modelling technologies to bring cost effective solutions to our clients. Our major contribution comes from United States of America, Canada and Europe.

Milekal Culture

Our unique culture that makes Milekal differentiates from the industry and it enables growth and success.

Reasons To Choose Milekal

Incredible teammates

Milekal provides opportunity to work with best minds in this industry. Our unique culture attracts the high talents to work with us. Knowledge sharing peer group keep entire organization a level above the industry standards.

Fully Equipped Learning Environment

Milekal provides highly effective learning environment. Learning is the only way to shift from where we are currently to where we want. Our library is treasured beyond technical; Leadership, Personality development, Fitness and more.

Great Fun @ Work

We believes that “Team plays together, stays together”. We enjoy every moment in life; it can be work, party, get to gather, training or conference. We move with flow and bring amazing results.

Future Entrepreneurship

We always encourages and gives opportunity for our long-time associates to become future entrepreneurs. It can be extension of current business or new ideas; we see the business opportunity and help them to establish. We train our teams always on leadership skills.

Social Responsibility

We contributes to society beyond providing employment opportunities. We strongly support for educating the next generation students and also for women empowerment.

Contact Us


Milekal Engineering Private Limited,

CoKarma Building, Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad, India 500081.


Milekal Inc.,
2093 Philadelphia Pike #1881
Claymont, Delaware 19703 USA.


Enquiry : +1 302-601-5286
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